To the Fan Who Needs to Know That They Are Not Alone~


I feel soo alone, and no one cares or wants to help me. I’m really low. What should I do?!


Hey fan,

I’m really sorry that you’re feeling low and out of sorts. No one should feel like that ever. And you should never feel like no one cares or that no one wants to help you.

I know that these things are easier said than done. I know that when we’re in a low place that seeing the silver lining is just about the last thing we’re capable of doing.

But I can tell you from personal experience; as someone who battled the gamut of depression and other related disorders for years, the lows don’t last forever. Something will happen; you’ll get great news, you’ll have a really good cry, you’ll remember a great time you’ve had, someone will walk into or back into your life or you’ll get some sort of sign that will remind you of the highs. You’ll remember that happiness or contentedness has existed in your past and that it can exist in your future.

If you are still feeling alone; most states have their own personal Crisis Hotline; so if you are feeling that no one is hearing you or that you just need to hear words of comfort from someone, to remind you that you are NOT alone, you can always call: 1-800-273-TALK (8255); it’s a 24-hour national hotline for people who just need a set of ears to listen.

Also, I am also almost always with internet access and am very willing to chat whenever (via or twitter or Instagram or what ever social media platform you have/need)! Fan, you are not alone. And if no one else will tell you directly, I care about you.

XO, Maz

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