Babies Are Taking Over the World

Have you ever thought about babies?

Like, thought about how each individual was at one point in time a small human (with the exception of Ben Stein)?

And not just people, but animals and plants and all living things. Everyone is a baby at some point.

How do babies decide that they’re ready to walk? What instinct propels them to use their legs to get from one place to another when they’ve been perfectly mobile on all fours?

This brings me back to “Baby Geniuses”. What truth does that movie hold? Are babies secretly secret agents, capable of high intelligence, but they lose that capability when they speak their first word?

Is being a baby comparable to being someone who doesn’t speak Mandarin in China? Are you just totally lost and responding to things that sort of seem familiar? Or is it more like being fluent in 2 languages, but pretending that you don’t understand English so that you can listen to people talk about you in front of your face?

Just think if babies were all geniuses. They would be the ultimate spies really. They would be privy to some of the most unreal conversations all because no one thinks that they understand, when really, they are taking your information, compiling it and plotting total world domination.


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