Read Receipts Are Tacky and I Hate Them

Oh. My. God.

This is a public service announcement for all people out there (mostly boys) who have “read receipts” turned on, on their phones.

Turn them the f*ck off.

You’re driving me crazy. Read receipts or the little signal that a text message has been received and viewed at a certain date/time are the devil’s plaything.

Oh, so you read my text, but didn’t think that it needed a response?

If I text you again and you read it again without responding, I know you’re purposely avoiding me. What did I do? Is it something I said? Why are you mad at me? I don’t understand what could have possibly transpired in between the minutes that I sent the text and when you read it. Are you hanging out with someone cooler than me? Is that why you’re too busy to answer me?

Or… Are you at work? Are you sleep reading? I probably have nothing to worry about.

No. It’s 10.30 PM. You shouldn’t be sleeping. Or at work. What are you doing? Why can’t you answer me back?

Maybe you’re in the shower. Maybe you read the text right before you were getting in the shower. Or maybe you were about to get a snack or something and you read it right before heading to the kitchen.

No, I know it. You hate me. I don’t know why. You just wait. If you ever do decide to answer me. I’m going to turn my read receipts on, read it and not answer you. I’m done.


*Receives text back 10 minutes after initial sent text.*

“Sorry babe, I was playing X Box and it got really intense. How are you? How was your day?”

Awh. Oh my god. I knew you weren’t mad at me. You’re so cute.

I immediately respond.

I’m weak.

Read receipts are driving me loco. If you could do this public service and just turn them off; you would be saving lots of turmoil and interim insanity, because I’m not crazy by nature but that little signal at the bottom of the screen makes me want to yank my hair out. And then it makes me want to punch myself in the face because since when am I such a girl who gives a sh*t if you text me back? If you don’t have time for me, that’s your prerogative. I’m awesome. Your loss.


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