To the Faraway From Their Friends Fan~


Do you think that time apart makes the heart grow fonder or pulls you apart?


Hey Fan!

As always, I’m going to have to say, it depends on the circumstance.

Time apart from the people I love most is so healthy. Because I love them, but they drive me bat sh*t f*cking crazy and sometimes we just need to do our own thing. After a while apart, you come to appreciate the fact that you miss your loved ones. You realize that you want to turn to tell them something funny that happened or a joke you heard, but they’re not there. You remember why they are the person or people you love and that makes you grow fonder, I would say.

On the other hand, time spent apart can be destructive. If we’re talking about a newly developed relationship, could be romantic, it could be just a friendship; the lines are a bit blurrier. You don’t have that developed repartee, and you don’t really have much to grow fonder of when you are “missing” them. In this sense, I think that time apart has the opportunity to pull apart a relationship.

As I said, I think that this is a difficult one to call. It’s all up to the individual involved and from whom they are spending their time away.

Hope this helped!

XO, Maz

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