Hollywood Hump Day: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Hey Fanz! Welcome to a new installment at mazforthefanz.com! I’m calling it “Hollywood Hump Day” where I will be taking a story straight from the gossip magazines and twittersphere and giving you my dissection of baby daddy’s, feuding pop stars and celeb stalkers.

So, this week, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift had a twitter feud. Minaj claimed that Swift beat her out for a nomination at MTV’s Video Music Awards because Swift’s “Bad Blood” video featured slim white models while Minaj’s “Anaconda” featured curvy black women. Minaj’s argument was that if she were another “kind” (slim and white) of artist her video would never have been snubbed.

But hold on.

Let’s look at something.

Direct from mtv.com

Direct from mtv.com

The first nomination on the list is Beyonce. Another, strong-willed, beautiful black woman.

So Nicki, gf, you cannot use the argument that you were snubbed because you’re a black woman.

Swifty got a nom because her video broke internet records on its first day of being released and because b*tches love Taylor Swift. I personally don’t get it, but considering her song is on every single radio station just about every 6 minutes today, it seems that the smash hit from last summer doesn’t seem as relevant.

Now, this isn’t to say that both videos aren’t bad ass, because, I only wish that I could twerk it like Nicki or strut with Cindy Crawford and Taylor.

So Nicki, although I feel that your argument that black women and their influence on pop-culture is a relevant issue; your attack on Taylor Swift’s video nomination is moot in achieving what you hope to achieve.

Also, you could easily kick Taylor Swift’s ass, and I would rather see TMZ coverage of a girl fight than a twitter feud. So, if you’re going to take action, make it in person please.


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