Concrete Jungle Camouflage

Happy Friday lovely fanz!

Fashion Friday said “what”:

Vanessa Hudgens, the Goddess

Vanessa Hudgens, the Goddess

This week has been very hectic and a ton of work, but I did manage to squeeze in a day of play in New irk City on Wednesday and I figured, who better to take a fashion cue from than the forever fabulous, BoHo Queen, Vanessa Hudgens.

I'm almost positive that my eyes are shut.

I’m almost positive that my eyes are shut.

I paired my white turtleneck shirt-dress (£8, Primark; London, UK) with a pair of black platform sandals ($10, Payless) All the power to V. Hudge for being able to walk around the city in pumps, but I’m not that powerful. It was super hot in New York, so I was really iffy about wearing the turtleneck, but with the length of the shirt-dress being pretty short and the half-sleeves, kept the outfit breezy and comfortable for the day. My only concern throughout the day is people could see my underwear if I was standing under fluorescent lighting, so, there’s that.

Have a great weekend fanz and live it happy, like you don’t even care if people DO see your underwear, you’ve got a great ass anyway.


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