Amanda Please

Welcome to your weekly dose of totally irrelevant, lacking actual foundation and basically substance-less dish on celebrity gossip.

This week’s topic of discussion: Dancing with the Stars

So, who else heard the rumor that Cait Jenner turned down a spot on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars?

So it goes: Cait had the spot but then her fame really took off after her many public appearances and awards, so she decided to drop the Stars and move forward with her TV show.

How will they ever replace her?


This past week, Amanda Bynes has made one of her first public appearances since November of last year when her crazy train ran right off the tracks. She was seen attending Michael Costello’s collection launch party on Thursday.

Could this be a heavenly sign that Amanda will be coming back onto the Hollywood scene for good? Are we going to get back our Frankie Munez loving, Judge Trudy playing, “Hairspray” singing Amanda? Better yet, can we get her into a ball gown and dance shoes.

Let’s all cross our fingers because I would love to have the wholesome, non-name calling sweetheart back.

Although, let’s be real, we did love all of the Twitter feuds she started and it would be hysterical to watch her on DWTS whilst still a train wreck.


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