It’s All Over Now

I just made a calendar specifically for paying bills and moved into my first house without my parents.

My life as I knew it is over.

I am a grown up.

I am one foot in the grave.

I think I just felt my hair start to turn gray.

I already have two fake teeth, maybe I should just get dentures put in.

Wait, does this mean that I have to stop watching Netflix for 12 hours straight?

I have to start being conscious of how many showers I take. No more showering for 45 minutes in order to sing the entire Beyoncé album.

No more standing in front of the refrigerator for 15 minutes and then deciding that I’m just going to order pizza.

No more leaving the air conditioner blasting for 24 straight hours.

No more ordering 4 movies OnDemand in one day.

I have to pay all of those bills.

I don’t know how to adult. But I’m certainly on a crash course to figuring it out.


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