I’m Paying His Baby’s College Tuition

Happy Hollywood Humpday!

This week is all about those British boys that I love since I will be attending the One Direction concert in NJ tonight, I’m featuring some baby daddy drama.

Yesterday on Good Morning America, Tomlinson confirmed that he is indeed having a baby with friend and stylist, Briana Jungwirth.


Louis the rat?

Louis is going to be a dad?

This is ridiculous.

His legs look like uncooked pasta and his hair looks like there is an animal living in it.

Can’t we bring back the days when Louis was the tallest, had well kept hair and wore red jeans? I miss that Louis.

Louis and his baby are of special interest to me because I am almost 85% positive that my contribution to One Direction ticket sales, music and merchandise will be enough to send Louis’ unborn child to a fine university one day.

I hope that he gives me some credit, if it’s a girl he could name her Madison or a boy could be Matt/Matthew. I’d also accept a simple invite to the baby shower. Anything would do. I’m not asking for much really.

Best of luck to the confirmed parents to be!


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