To the Fan Who is SO Over the Hiatus~


Where have you been? I need a new blog ASAP.


What’s up? How are you? I missed you. Here’s a little blog for you.

So, as some of you may have noticed, I have been on a bit of an extended (2 weeks) hiatus.

I mentioned on my Facebook that it was due to lack of inspiration. This was partially true. I was having a hard time cranking out any work that found remotely inspiring, funny or thought provoking.

What I failed to mention was that I actually went to my parents house for a little more than a week.

No big deal right?

Well, yes. Big deal. Because I packed my bag while I was pretty drunk.

I packed all the essentials. A few pairs of underwear, a tube of lip gloss (I don’t wear lipgloss), one pair of shoes, no shirts, a pair of jeans and sweatpants (in the heat of summer) and my laptop charger.

But oh yeah… My keys? Nah, I left those in Philly. And my laptop. That stayed tucked right in my desk drawer, because what blogger would ever need their laptop on a trip lasting longer than 6 hours? That’s crazy talk.

Now, you may pose to me the question: But Maz, your blog is online and you could easily log on from any computer?

Okay, but no.

I have absolutely no idea what my password is. I made it so hard for even myself to guess that I had to write it down on a notecard and put it in my planner.

And where was my planner?

Oh yeah, still in Philly. Oops.

Because again, what OCD/crazy person who keeps their life plans and sorted goals in a structured organizational tool like a planner would ever need that when going away for more than a day?

Drunk Maz-0, Hungover Maz-Definitely 0, Sober Maz when she realized her misstep- Negative 46.

But anyway, I’m back now, and I’m ready to share my trials and tribulations of being a senior with no real agenda other than having as much fun as possible, floating with a kicking GPA, and trying to figure out how to be a real person.

Until next time!

XO, Maz

PS. Questions, comments, concerns, jokes? Place them in my anonymous ask box:


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