The Day Fashion Died

Hello my adoring fanz;

So, as it is Friday, I know that you have come to expect my typical “favorite fashion friday” blog. Well, sugar, baby, honey children. Today is the day that fashion dies.

Mostly it’s because I’m Brokahontus and can’t afford new clothes, partly because I have relatively little time to actually sort through what I do own and try to make it work as a “new” look.

So, since I refuse to do anything at less than 100%, I am turning Fashion Friday into F*CK IT Friday!

Since momma has a Thursday night agenda, let’s be real, it is very rare that I crank out anything of substance on Fridays; so now I have a whole day dedicated to my d*cking around. Friday will now be host to things that resonate with me throughout the week, whether it’s a picture, a video, a gif or a quote; it will be something that I hope will either make your day brighter or put some things into perspective for you.

This week, it’s a bit of a photo series that describes my current state of being:


The boyfriend situation:


just really missing my boyf rn is all.

To all the people I know that are tweeting about being abroad: my heart can’t handle it, I’m so jealous.

tumblr_n3qwctOUOI1rzkhsbo1_500To senior year and the real world:


To the fanz:

IMG_3804To making mom proud:


Making mom proud.

Because, as always:


Happy weekend loca people. Stay beautiful. XO, Maz


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