The Blog You’ll Never Read

Sometimes I sit down and I start to write and something amazing passes through my brain, to the keys, to the internet, to your very own eyes.

Sometimes I make social statements. Very rarely, I comment on politics. Occasionally, I tell you the trepidations and tribulations that consume my life.

Then, there are other times where I draw a total blank. The only idea that comes to my head is a title for a blog. But with no sustenance to back-up said title, the file gets stored in my “Drafts” folder and I move on.

Maybe I should just tweet my thoughts, but I always thought that maybe some day I could come back to them and figure out a story. But today, I have so many “body-less” drafts and the titles were just too much to not share; so I’ve decided to give you the blogs that have working titles, but will never be written. It’s up to you to imagine what the rest of the work could’ve/should’ve contained:

“Explaining How that Big Mac Merited Use of the Emergency Credit Card”

“How Many Soulmates Is It Okay to Have?”

“I Wish Sir Elton John Would Compose the Soundtrack to My Life”

“Always Ask Him If He’s A Serial Killer: Tips to Tinder Meet-Ups”

“An Apology to the Good People of Roxy: I Didn’t Mean to Puke”

“Don’t Minesweep the Club and Don’t Tell People About It Afterwards”

“My Grandma Isn’t Proud of Me Anymore, Can I Blame Her?”

“Somedays I Think My Cat is My Best Friend”

“That Mega, Uber Cryptic Tweet Was Totally @ You”

“Why Being Afraid of Killer Whales is A Legitimate Phobia”

“I Could Pay My Credit Card Bill or I Could Order Pizza: A Blog About Being an Adult”

“My New House Smells Like Beef Jerky”

Those are just some of my personal favorites. Any of them that you’d like to see me develop a bit more?


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