In Search Of: Friends Under 21 (That Don’t Have a Fake ID)

I’m looking for anyone who is interested in being used for the next 31 days (mostly weekends while my friends are at the bar).


  • Be under 21; without a fake ID
  • Be a fun/good time
  • Go with me to all of the undergrad house parties which most seniors would never be caught dead attending; or find an alternative place to spend Friday and Saturday nights (I.E. know a bar owner and get us in on the DL)
  • Not get offended when I turn 21 on September 30th and drop you like you were hot.

Like I said, I’ve got friends. I just don’t have a fake ID.

Interested in the position?

PM me on Insta (@madbenzell), DM or @mention me on Twitter (@madbenz), or if you’re a hipster and don’t do social media; send me an email (

This is only mildly a joke, so…


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