Why Philosophy Can Suck My Left Toe

In my senior year of college, I have found myself, more than ever, not wanting to be here.

Surprise, surprise.

I am taking a ton of bullish*t classes that don’t have anything to do with my major but are totally required credits to graduate. Some of these bullish*t classes include, but are not limited to two separate but nearly exactly the same philosophy classes.

Philosophy is horsesh*t.

I find that I can say anything and it will somehow relate to something in philosophy. I told my philosophy project group that Kanye West’s VMA speech reminded me of the heated debate in Plato’s, “The Republic.” It went on and on in circles and no one could remember what the conversation was even about by the end of it.

I guess in a way, philosophy is a blessing in disguise. Since I don’t really want to be responsible for a ton of work; philosophy gives me an out to talk about nonsense and make it seem like I did the reading. The class involves a lot of open ended questions and a lot of head tilting/”oh, I see”-ing. As long as I can ask enough philosophical questions (i.e. I know that there are historic interpretations; but what is the deeper meaning of the text?”) my professors will be none the wiser. And I will be all the more rested after my naps.


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