Bring Bartering Back

As I have adapted to my adult responsibilities, gradually over the last month or so, it has become super clear that I have no idea how I’m supposed to make money and subsequently pay my bills, go to school full-time with an overloaded course schedule, be a Vice President of my sorority, get a decent amount of sleep and have any form of a social life at all.

Mad props to the adults that have been doing this all for a while. I bow down and say, you are more powerful than me.

I have this idea though.

Remember the good old days of bartering? Like, you bring your cow to the market, trade milk for some of that dude’s eggs? Or, I work 8 hours on your farm and then you feed me at the end of the day.

Why can’t we do that anymore?

I’m super good at crafty things. I have enough supplies and I could make a scrapbook for the people at the supermarket, then in exchange for the scrapbook, they trade me the ingredients to bake a pie.

I bake said pie and bring that down to Comcast, I trade them a pie for a month’s worth of cable and internet.

Then I let my roommates use the TV, with said bartered cable. They trade me for the cable with books for class.

I take the books and do my homework, then trade my homework for a stellar grade.

I get a good grade, which leads to a great GPA, which trades for great recognition from industry leaders.

The industry leaders give me a good job which pays $2 mil a year.

I just traded literal scraps that I had laying around for $2 million dollars. I win the day of bartering.


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