Some People are Lactose Intolerant, I Am Bitch Intolerant

My roommate and I have this sort of joke, it goes along the lines of “don’t make Denise come out to play.”

Denise is this alter-ego, so to speak. She is the very dark piece of me that comes out when you really, really piss me off. Normally, I’m a very calm and collected person. It honestly takes so much to provoke me, but then there are just certain events or certain people who push the wrong buttons and the rage is ignited.

Denise comes out, full fledge and destroys a person with her words.

This week, Denise has really been simmering under the surface. She is ready for that one person to make that one remark or scoff that one scoff and it is so on. I will spew verbal fire and leave no word unsaid. It’s kind of like, don’t poke the dragon because you’re really not going to like the response.

You should fear Denise. And if you don’t; it’s your funeral.


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