When You Know It’s A Bad Idea, But You Do It Anyway

I am a definite risk taker.

I love to say yes to questionable situations. I love the idea of trying new things all at the risk of making a mistake. I feel like this is a definite way that I learn a ton about myself. I like the challenge of a “dare”.

But sometimes; just sometimes, I take calculated risks that I know are a terrible idea.

For example: I know that I have barely slept in the last four days; yet I brought my laptop into my bed, got under my covers and told myself that I was going to do my homework.

It’s 3:30 in the morning.

I know that this is a terrible idea.

I know that I will more than likely be passed out within a matter of minutes, waking up at 8:20, cursing the heavens that I have to leave for class in 25 minutes and have yet to complete my due homework.

I know that it’s a terrible idea, but I’m doing it anyway.


Because it feels so damn good. And I’m worth it.


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