Reasons That I Think My Hot Professor Is Hitting On Me

I may or may not mention very frequently that I am so done with school and that I don’t want to be there.

BUT; there is one giant exception to that: one of my professors is a total fox.

I go to class strictly because I like to look at him.

He’s super intelligent too, which helps. He’s got this sultry look about him and a seriously good sense of style. He’s in perfect shape and treats his body like a temple; which I have no problem worshipping. He has a subtle accent that is divine and makes his aura all the more appealing.

I have a major crush on him, to state the obvious.

I’m pretty sure that he asked me on a date the other day and here’s why:

He said that he wants to meet with me face to face.

He dropped the words, I’m free and lunch and Friday.

Any alarms ringing for any one else?

Scheduling a one on one lunch meeting with my uber hot professor. I think it’s a date for certain.

In case you’re not sure, I’ll give you word for word how he asked:

“Class, your first paper is due soon and I want to have a brief meeting with each of you to discuss what your main issue and thesis will be. These meetings are mandatory for everyone and the sooner we have one, the sooner you can begin writing your papers. I am willing to start these meetings as early as tomorrow (Friday), my first free gap is around 1 PM. I’m going to be having lunch and you’ll just have to endure watching me eat while we talk.”

Such a subtle romanticism about it. I really think that he wasn’t trying to single me out personally and embarrass me in front of the class. What a sweetheart.


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