Everyone Has That One Really Inappropriate Friend

I am only semi-convinced that this is a world wide phenomena, but I have a great friend who I have such a weird but wonderful relationship with. We make each other laugh strictly by being vastly inappropriate and saying things to each other that I honestly probably wouldn’t ever say to anyone else. Most of the times it’s sexually charged innuendos or blatant remarks.

I compiled a few of our better conversations for examples as to what I mean:

A totally normal way for her to tell me that she’s ready for dinner:


Catching up on the normal gossip of a first day of class:


Helping her out by trying to set her up on a date with her crush who is in my class:


Making sure she knows how good her crush looks:


Then discussing how her crush and mine got in an argument:


Her sharing our cuddlier moments with the world:


Discussing avoiding unwanted situations on Spring Break:


Then just plain telling the world the truth on why we are the way we are:


You know it’s real when even your roommate/other best friend is in on it:



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