Maz and Guest

I am at an age in my life where I have begun to receive plus one’s to events. I don’t know if it’s my family trying to hint at me that it’s time to get my life together and start thinking about the future, or if it’s their subtle way of saying that I should bring a boyfriend home because they’re starting to worry.

I’m also at an age where I don’t want a boyfriend and I don’t want to bring a boy home to meet my family and I don’t feel like having my sh*t together. So instead, I bring my best friend as my plus one.

Consequently, I’m beginning to think that maybe bringing a girl as my plus one has sent all of the wrong signals.

Because for starters, most everyone thought she was with my brother, which granted, she would definitely be pretty high on the list of “most normal and polite” girls that he’s ever brought to an event; but then we explain that she’s actually with me and the “oh….”‘s start. And then you have to say; “oh no! not like that! She’s my roommate!”

And again, you get an “oh…”. So you have to continue to affirm, “still not like that.”

And being the second born of nine cousins, when the one born before and the two born after you have already done the whole “bring your significant other to the party” thing, basically everyone’s waiting for the big lesbian bomb to drop.

But this is a PSA to my family. I LIKE BOYS. I just don’t like, or I guess you could say dislike, any of them enough to subject them to meeting the entire family in one go.


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