I Swear, I Didn’t Unmatch You

Today something has happened.

Today my Tinder App took a sh*t on my life.

I went to go check a message that I got while I was sleeping and all at once, Tinder decided it would be a great idea to delete all of my matches.

Maybe it’s karma because I was really into live interaction yesterday. All I wanted to do was throw it at men in the streets of New York City and now I’m being punished by the online dating Gods for my overzealous behavior.

The most disappointing thing was that I had a few hundred matches from while I was abroad. Literally hundreds of Englishmen who could have potentially been “the one”. And now I’m stuck rebuilding a fan base in the states. I’m never going to meet and marry my very own Max Irons or Sam Claflin or Alex Pettyfer now. Absolutely devo.

Everyone, say an extra prayer for me tonight that Tinder comes back to its senses and reinstates my matches, because if it doesn’t I guess I’ll just have to go back to London and re-swipe. Oh, what a shame that would be.


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