To the Fan Who’s Craving A Little Attention~


How do I get a boy that I like to notice me?


Most boys are barbarians, so show some skin and flash those pearly whites.

No, I’m totally kidding.

If you are interested in a guy, I think that it is super important to be yourself, but to also put your best foot forward. Get him to notice you by being the best version of yourself. It’s basically a scientifically proven fact that boys are dense and don’t take to hints very well, so you may have to spell it out for him that you are interested. You don’t have to point-blank say something like, “hey, *insert name*; I really like you!” but saying things like, we should hang out or I’d really like to get to know you better are pretty obvious signals that you’re looking to explore a potential situation with them and it will definitely grab their attention if they’re interested.

I hope that this helped!

XO, Maz

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