Twenty-One, Flirty and Fun

Today marks one of the most joyous days in history. It marks the day that I arrived on this planet; specifically today marks the 21st anniversary of my departure from the mothership. And to celebrate said joyous occasion, I have drafted a list of 21 things that I would like to accomplish in the duration of the celebration.

  1. Take a shot. Any shot. Make it good.
  2. Get someone to buy me a drink.
  3. Get 21 kisses; not necessarily on the lips, you pervs.
  4. Have the whole bar sing “Happy Birthday”.
  5. Get ID’d!
  6. Collect $21 in singles from 21 different people.
  7. Have some cake! Well cookie, because I really like cookies a lot more than cake.
  8. Dance on an elevated surface (table, stage, bar?).
  9. Get a shoutout from a DJ.
  10. Keep a tally on my body with how many drinks/how many shots I’ve taken.
  11. Slap 21 people on the ass. Keep track. Wouldn’t want to mess that up.
  12. Make a toast.
  13. Take a shot without using my hands.
  14. Take a picture every time someone buys me a drink.
  15. Take a body shot off of someone. Avoid people with excess amounts of hair because ew.
  16. Get a lap dance.
  17. Hug a bouncer.
  18. Send a drunk text to the 21st contact in your phone.
  19. Serenade someone or have someone serenade me.
  20. Call Mom and congratulating her on giving birth to pretty much the coolest person of all time on this day.
  21. Don’t die.

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