Better Run, Better Run

Over the past few days, universities in and around the Philadelphia area have been in a state of panic after a social media post threatened violence scheduled for Monday, October 5th at 2 PM.

Thankfully, no such threats have been carried out; but we still remain, if anything else, wary of the potential for a possible strike. Being a student at a university in Philadelphia, I am not immune to the scariness of the situation. We all have had to go about our days in a way that is normal. We couldn’t stay home. We couldn’t

After I read a disturbing fact the other day, there have been 994 shootings in 1,004 days over the last 3 years, I wasn’t surprised when I also saw article after article about gun regulation.

Numbers like this have caused an outcry for gun control. And yes, while I agree that there should be action taken to restrict guns falling into the hands of people accidentally or too freely. There is the fact that people kill people with guns, and while regulations could help in some forms; we must also consider that if someone wants to walk into a place and commit a mass murder or inflict as much damage as possible, gun control will more than likely do very little to stop them.

My point is that we also need to focus our attention on issues such as mental health in individuals. Why is it that these people are committing mass murder? How did we miss the signs? Why did the people around them not notice what was going on with them?

As a nation, we need to become more emotionally intelligent. We need to get people the help that they need even if they don’t recognize themselves that they need it.


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