Selling Ice to an Eskimo

Everyone has people in their lives that are superb bullish*tters.

People who you can go to with a problem and somehow, you leave feeling super good then come to realize that the problem that you wanted solved was hardly even touched upon. Or they gave you a potential solution that at the time sounded like the best idea in the world while you were face to face with them; but then you leave and you kind of tilt your head and think, “wow, that’s actually a pretty horrible idea.”

But it’s just something about how they spin things. You think it’s the best because they are excellent marketers.

I happen to think that it’s a genetically inherited trait. I have watched my grandfather, my father, some of my cousins all smooth talk their way out of almost any and every situation.

Thus, I find that most of the time, I can do it too.

The problem lies though, when I find that I have bullish*it myself so much that I can con myself into believing that terrible ideas aren’t that bad.

For instance; I can tell myself that I’ll go to bed at midnight, then set my alarm for 4 AM to wake up and do homework. I definitely need to get stuff done and this is the perfect way to do it. There’s no use staying up late to get it done, I will be tired and unproductive.

4 AM rolls around.

You know what? I don’t really have to do that paper that’s due in two days. I just need to do that business model canvas. That will only take an hour. I can go back to sleep until 6 AM.

6 AM rolls around.

I don’t need to leave the house until 9 AM. I’ve got more than enough time. Falls back asleep.

8.30 AM rolls around.


I’m never going to finish this, shower, and make it to class on time. I’m a failure. I may as well not even go. I’m never going to graduate.

Somehow pulls my sh*t together in 15 minutes.

See. I knew I had this the whole time.

Bullsh*t extraordinaire.


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