The Art of the Double Text

Double texting: friend or foe?

Double texting is seen as this taboo thing that you shouldn’t do, unless it’s with your super tight friends, your mom or you’re super drunk. It’s not seen as a strategic art form to remind someone that you need attention. But you know what I say?

I say f*cking go for it.

You want someone to know something and they aren’t responding. You send that second text.

Buzz, buzz motherf*cker, it’s me again.

Why aren’t you answering? What I’m saying is either:

A) super funny and definitely deserved a “LMFAO!”

B) super adorable and deserved an “awh, you’re so cute.”

C) super important and relevant and in need of a super important and relevant response.

or D) super cheeky and don’t leave me hanging because mind games are rude AF homeboi.

I double text because I care, obvi. I want you to notice me. I want your interaction. I’m not doing this because I just love to feel needy. I think it is important to mention that even though you can be a bold double texter; you aren’t always communicating with someone who is a bold and accepting double text receiver.

Maybe there should be some ground rules about double texting.

  1. Don’t double text someone that you know is busy. They’re busy. Calm the F down, they’re going to get back to you eventually. It’s not you. It’s them.
  2. Don’t get super salty when you double text a potential lust interest and they don’t text you back because honestly, they don’t owe you anything, yet…
  3. Never apologize for the double text if someone calls you on it. No f*ckboi (or f*ckgirl I guess) should ever be mad that you were super thinking about them.
  4. Make sure the double text is worth it if you might possibly take a hit to your ego.
  5. Be brave. Be beautiful. Be bold.

Happy Texting Needy Weirdos.


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