Being Bad Feels So Good

Sometimes I do things.

Sometimes I do things that I definitely know that I should not do.

And damn it, it feels good.

Sometimes when I know I shouldn’t be eating carbs, I’ll have pizza.

Sometimes when I know I should really not hit the snooze button again, I do it anyway, because what’s another 9 minutes in the grand scheme of things?

Sometimes when I know it’s questionable if I should go on the blind date with a Tinder rando, I still go (but I tell my friends where I’m going and send them pics of his Tinder profile in case I go missing, watch out Tinder killers, I’m on to you).

Sometimes I watch American Horror Story late at night when no one is home, even though I know I’ll have to turn on all of the lights just to walk from one room to the next and consequently pay the electric bill.

Sometimes I crack open that second bottle of wine, even when I know that I probably shouldn’t have drank the first one in its entirety.

But you know what; bad choices often lead to great stories. Say yes to all the questionable things in your life. Rebel against the norm because why not?


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