Getting Stuck in a Texting Trap

Your phone goes off and you’re like:


And then you see it’s from that semi-creepy, but still super nice guy that you feel bad blowing off, but you also totally regret giving your number; so you:


And he just doesn’t give up when you don’t respond, so he messages you again:


So you:


Because he is nice. And begrudgingly you give a really vague message back:


And then you remember:


So when he eagerly sends 30 more texts because of your “hi.”, you’re like:

tumblr_mbzmjdt07l1rxd8rh anigif_enhanced-27792-1423199213-18

And next time you see him in person, he asks if you’ve been getting his messages, and you answer honestly:


So he gets a little defensive:


And you’re sort of like:


And he’s all:


And then you feel terrible. And that’s how you find yourself sucked into a loop of texting someone that you really don’t care to be texting.

Break the chain fanz! Or if you figure out how, please let me know. XO, Maz


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