Ignorance Is Annoying As F*ck

As I sit here and type this, I am surrounded by ignorant people. People who are making comments about something that they know nothing about. They are totally destroying campus Greek Life with their words and as a member of the Greek Life community on my campus, I’m offended. I look to the group and know that none of them are a part of any Greek organization on our campus. I also know that they are basing their comments off of one recruitment video of one sorority at one school from one state.

They are making blanket statements that sorority girls are vapid and shallow, fake blondes, racists and stupid. It literally took every ounce of self control that I possess to not stand up and go on a two hour tirade as to why they are wrong.

Because hold the f*ck up.

Last time I checked, my sorority holds the highest campus organization GPA, of not only Greek life, but of all organizations. We have girls of many different ethnicities and backgrounds. These girls are some of the most caring people that I’ve ever met. These are girls who put their campus, their community and their philanthropies all before themselves. Maybe you got me on the fake blonde bit, because let’s face it, the only reason my hair is this light after being black is from a double process, but how dare you?

These general statements are discriminatory and misinformed. I can’t speak as to how upsetting it is to hear such hateful remarks and clearly ignorant assertions. Learn your facts before you’re going to spew idiotic commentary. Also, you might want to double check your surroundings next time, because if I hear it again. I won’t hesitate for even a second to flip the f*ck out and lay down all of the exact reasons why you’re wrong.


One thought on “Ignorance Is Annoying As F*ck

  1. YES. I love this post so much. I’m in the same position as you. I may be blonde, but I’m majoring in one of the hardest subjects my university has to offer. Yes, I wear my letters often, but it’s a t-shirt that shows off my philanthropy and all the work I’ve put into it. Yes, I post on social media about my sorority, but it’s because I’ve never met a more sincere group of girls in my life. Thank you so much for this post!


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