Pros and Cons of Dating Two People With the Same Name

Well, the title says a lot, but anyway; so dating. It’s great. I love to go on dates, and recently I have had the certain pleasure of seeing two men with the same first name. Let’s call them Adam.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: this is a mess. And in short. Yeah. Pretty much.

But I still wanted to compile a little list of reasons why it can be good and bad. I’ll rotate between the two, just to keep my argument balanced.

Pro: I won’t accidentally call them by the wrong name.

Con: Constantly forget which Adam I’m texting and sometimes send an answer to one that was meant to go to the other.

Pro: When the name “Adam” pops up on your phone, while you’re with one of the Adam’s, you can easily play it off as a delayed text message from him.

Con: When I am out with Adam # 1, I try really hard, but sometimes forget if he was the one I was talking about music with or the one that liked to talk about cooking via text.

Pro: Projecting into the future, if I were to still be casually dating them both around Christmas time, I can buy personalized “Adam” gifts in bulk.

Con: If I got “Adam” tattooed somewhere on my body and they both broke up with me; I’m totally f*cked.

But that, ladies and gentlemen is why you never get a significant other’s name tattooed on you, ever. Unless you anticipate a backup with the same name.


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