To the Fan Who’s Afraid of the Hook Up~


How do you overcome hooking up with a guy you like even though you have a fear that it might be bad?


Hey fan,

This is tough. Fear and insecurities riddle through us all before the first time that we kiss someone. And since everyone has a different use for the term “hook up”, I am taking this as a heavy make out session, maybe with some feel-skis thrown in, not a full home run; so we’re clear.

But, let’s examine a few things: you like this person. So, I’d say that means there must be some sort of, type of flow or chemistry; unless this a situation where you’ve just been liking them from afar, well then, I suggest establishing some sort of connection, whether its casual flirting or even taking the time to actually develop a real friendship.

As for the fear of it being “bad”, I think that sometimes we’re off our game. Sometimes we are super on it; but other times, we kind of need a reset. I think that if you do finally get the opportunity to kiss this guy, well go for it. Don’t overthink it, just go for it. If it’s bad; then I’d say that it could be potentially due to nerves. There have been plenty of times when I’ve thought about a hook up after the fact, and I just kind of laugh and say, “who the f*ck was that? I don’t do that or act like that.” But, I was nervous or they were and it threw off the equilibrium of a good make out session. I think that a good way to tell would be a round two. If you get through a date or a hangout or whatever, with a bad make out, but you still feel like you clicked with the person in another way; then try again another day.

Chalk it up to nerves and give it a second go.

If on the second go it’s still bad, well then, maybe you need to reevaluate. Or teach that person a little something-something about kissing.

XO, Maz

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