To the Man Who Reminded Me How Fun It Is To Have A Crush~

Hello Mr. Something;

Welcome to the world of Maz. I hope you decide to stay a while, because, what can I say? You are a shining example of a perfect crush. And I haven’t had a really good one of those in a while.

You’re terribly inappropriate. You make me laugh, a ton. You like to do things that are questionable at best. You don’t know the first thing about properly communicating with a woman outside of in-person meetings or you do and you just are purposely trying to up your cool factor. You’re a little bit reckless (I mean, making out at stop lights while driving? Come on. That’s dangerous.). You’re mysterious in a totally open, yet not open at all type of way. You’re like a puzzle that you don’t want anyone to figure out.

You’re charming too. You display all of the qualities of someone who could easily charm the skirt off of a nun. It’s that sort of mischievous glint in your eye. You’re trouble. Absolutely.

You seem like a pretty terrible decision, but I’m great at making those.

XO, Maz


One thought on “To the Man Who Reminded Me How Fun It Is To Have A Crush~

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