Why You Need To Be Literal When Asking A Guy For Advice

I love men. I really do. But my men friends drive me up a wall sometimes.

I was reaching out to get a male perspective on a situation involving a dilemma with a male. I wanted to know what they thought I should plan as my next move.

In order to procure this advice, I phrased my question in metaphor. That may have been my first mistake.

I presented them with the following situation:

I had been texting and trying to set up a date with this guy, but things kept falling through, then I jokingly opened the conversation up to him coming over on a day that I actually couldn’t meet up. He said he couldn’t that day and seemed semi-remorseful, but that we should try another day. I felt that I sounded overeager and wanted to clarify that I was kidding without being rude. So, I didn’t want to totally close that door.

The only thing that the boys took from that entire situation was “the door”. All they wanted to know now was if the door was always open? Was it only cracked open? Was there a foot in the door? Was it a screen door? Did the door have windows? Could it be easily broken into? Were there locks on the door?

And they went on and on and on and on. Unrelenting about the damn door that doesn’t even exist. It was exhausting and the opposite of the help I was seeking.

Note to self, find new friends. Or at least find friends that have a maturity level higher than a 7th grader.


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