Post-First Date Anxiety

So, you went on a first date? It went alright? Or even better, it went great!

Now you’re in that post-first date daze of anxiety.

How it usually goes:

You know when you close the door that you nailed that date:


Then you get giddy because you really had a great time:


But then you remember this means you have to wait a little while to see them again or even send/receive a message from them because of “the rules”:


And all the next day, you’re waiting like: tumblr_nr5fsrUsA61s94m2qo1_500

And when they still don’t text you by the next day, you’re starting to lose hope that they will text you at all, so you start to get sad:


And by day three; you’re just pissed:


But, on night three, something happens. You get a text:


And you’re freaking out:4253347-omg!

But you know what you have to do:


So, you casually wait 30 seconds and text them back, like:


And you cross your fingers that you’re not waiting another 3 days for a response to that.

It makes my eyes cross; but anything in the name of a good date that leads to more good dates.

Have a great weekend. XO, Maz



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