Tons of Sh*t I’m Thankful For

I’m super thankful for a lot of things and I really don’t know how I’d ever be able to properly recognize it all, so I’m going to try my best to give a couple shout outs.

Here. Have a list:

-Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”.

-My parents.

-Other miscellaneous family members.

-My friends, special shouts to the bestiez, old and new.

-The old slut from “Sex and the City”.


-Parks and Recreation.

-Neil Patrick Harris.

-My brother.

-Kevin Jonas’s weird slight lisp.

-Tall men. Thank you.

-Blanket forts.

-Franzia Sunset Blush 5 Liter Box.

– People who can assemble IKEA furniture quickly.

-Having nice hair.

-The future man that will have to deal with my morning breath daily.

-Steve Jobs.

-Fetty Wap’s good eye.

-Cute shoes.

-Non-profit organizations.

– The sequel to “Zoolander” being named “2oolander”.

-Niall Horan’s chest hair.

-“All I Want for Christmas is You” Official Music Video.


-All the fanz.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Xo, Maz


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