The F*ck Right Off List

Ever have a person that you’d like to tell to “f*ck right off”? In my house we keep a list. It’s also know as a “Go List” because that person can just go. Just leave. Get out. Go.

This week the list is jam-packed. So instead of reaching out individually, I’m just going to do a massive F*ck Right Off List. If you see your name or something that could relate to you, it probably is you and you can f*ck right off.

-The person who throws trash in my trashcan. You’re disgusting.

-Final exams, studying for finals, final papers. Nope. Just go.

-Keegan, E#2, Jake From Statefarm, Val, Max, and other miscellaneous stupid idiots. 100% f*ck right off. Stop watching my snap story assh*les, I deleted you all for a reason.

-Mr. Something. You’re cute and it’s damn annoying.

-The person who broke the thermostat off the wall in my house. You’re a d*ck and now I have no heat or way to control it.

-That professor who gave rolling deadlines. I’m going to procrastinate forever. So thanks for nothing.

-Exercise. F*ck RIGHT off.

-Stress breakout, you are a gigantic d*uchebag.

-Pushy people who can’t leave me alone. GTFO.

-Donald Trump.

If you didn’t make this list. Thanks for not pissing me off this week.





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