To the Fan Who Needs to Know About Life~


Why do some people enjoy life and others don’t?


Simple. Some people are lovers of life other people are just livers of life.

Wow liver. Gross.

But what I mean is that some people enjoy everything for what it is in that moment. They love the life that they are living and live it to its fullest. They are not content with settling and hunt for the best thing out there, finding new adventures or hobbies or interests in life’s extraordinary ecosystem of opportunity.

And some people live life mundanely, dreading each passing day because either they don’t know what’s out there or they don’t care to look for something better.

I think everyone has a tendency to fall into both categories from time to time. I definitely have my days where I can’t be bothered to get out of bed for more than an hour. BUT I also have this insatiable wanderlust. I want to see what there is in the world. I can’t settle because what if by settling I miss out on the greatest thing that could ever happen to me?

Just some food for thought.

XO, Maz

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