Waiting For It to Be Easy

Love is complicated. In any form.

And there are so many forms of it.

There are people that I love so much that I want to punch them in the face quite regularly. That’s the “you drive me crazy, but I love you” love.

There are people that I don’t necessarily love, but I love little things about them, like their sense of humor the way they hang onto my every word as I tell a story. That’s the “I love how you” love

There are people that I love to challenge. It keeps me grounded and helps me to remember the things that I don’t want. That’s the “I don’t like you, but I appreciate what you teach me” love.

Then there’s the fact that you can love someone without being in love with them. When you’re in love with someone, you can fall out of love with them, but when you just love them, that’s trickier. That’s not so easy to get rid of. They just have this little or big piece of you that you can’t get back, which super sucks at times. I call that one the “f*ck, I didn’t mean for this to happen and now I can’t take it back” love.

I think often times we get so wrapped up in the fact that love is such a large emotion. It’s a big concept and it comes in many forms.  It can also be something microscopic. It’s the smallest things in the world, like a smile or a look or a melody sung in the shower.

There are so many subtle nuances when it comes to love and being in love.

And I just want to know, will it ever be easy?


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