Top 10 Worst Ideas Had in 2015

So, I was thinking about it and I was going to write you all a list of the 10 best moments of my 2015 experience; but that’s so cliche and I started to yawn just thinking about it myself. 2015 was a wild year and I did so many amazing things, but I also did countless really stupid things and I thought that those might be a bit more interesting to read about, except for you Mom. You should just stop reading right there. So, I present to you, the top 10 worst ideas that I had in 2015.

#10: Decided to sign a lease for a house that I had to paint. In July. In a heat wave.

#9: Accidentally walking into “kinky night” at the bar and unintentionally making comments that could be construed as lewd because I had no idea what was going on.

#8: Fell down the steps at 10:45 AM on Homecoming because I just really wanted to dance on an elevated surface and the landing that was slippery with my champagne counted as elevated.

#7: Lost a ring at someone’s house. Pestered them about it. Constantly. Then come to realize six months later that it was in my denim jacket pocket the whole time. Not a terrible idea. But definitely a low moment. And an “oh f*ck” realization.

#6: That time I left my friend at the bar in an unfamiliar town to her by herself so I could go and get pizza. Thankfully it was just across the street, but that was definitely a bad friend move.

#5: The time I gave a guy my phone number and he ended up stalking me for a week. We’re talking multiple phone calls and texts a day and voicemails of heavy breathing; even after I said that I wasn’t interested, multiple times. Like, I’m sorry dude, I didn’t realize that I was your first kiss. I take it back, all of it, if you would just leave me alone.

#4: Not giving the hot drummer at Howl at the Moon my phone number, because damn.

#3: Went to the nightclub in Scotland with strangers that I met in the hostel, consequently forgot what they looked like and lost my coat trying to find them.

#2: Snuck into the barracks at Buckingham Palace. It was my last night in London, but my dumb ass could have gotten deported.

And the #1 spot goes to: Getting in the trunk of a smart car in a country where the common language is not English. I feel that it’s pretty self-explanatory why this was a bad idea.

So cheers to an amazing 365 days, and here’s to the upcoming wild 366 days. I hope your 2015 brought you something amazing even if it was preceded by a terrible idea. XO, Maz


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