I’m Just Winging it Too

Recently, I started seeing a new guy. And it’s been going well, so naturally, I tell my friends about it. And naturally they want to see pictures, so I stalk his Instagram for some screenshots and I have to say, hands down the most attractive guy I’ve ever been with; not that I didn’t know that prior to Instagram stalking. But he’s a model type and all that. So when I show them his pictures, my friends, after picking their jaws up off the floor, want to know how I’ve managed this one.

Guys I have literally no clue.

I’m honestly pretty confused by the situation. All I can say is that the most important thing that I’ve done is been 100% myself. I have gone on dates with people in the past where I’ve pretended to be interested in things that they’re interested in or I’ve acted a little less intelligent and sassy than I actually am. This time, none of that bullsh*t. I don’t dumb myself down. I don’t pretend to like football. I don’t say that I need help with things because “I just don’t know how” to do them. I don’t pretend that I can handle watching scary movies and then sit up for six nights in a row because I can’t sleep. I don’t make myself look more or less available than I actually am.

And I will say this. A woman who is unapologetically herself is the most beautiful creature in the universe.

When I pulled away that veil of pretenses and the things I thought I should be to get a man’s attention or keep his interest, I realized that all I have to do is show him me. Show him that I’m confident, and funny, and intelligent, and have substance. I’m not single dimensional and I’m not a damsel in distress. I know what I want and I know what I don’t want. I am capable of getting any man I so desire because I don’t buy into the other bullish*t. At some point, I hope all of you can figure that out. Be you and be proud. The rest falls in line. Unless you’re a total b*tch. Then, be nicer.



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