An Open Letter to the Guy I Am So Uninterested In~

Hey there… You… I’m actual not sure what your name is… I just have you in my phone as “Stalker”…

I am really, really flattered that you’ve been reaching out to me. Admittedly, a little creeped out, but I guess flattered nonetheless. You’re a sweet guy.

I think. I’m actually not totally sure, considering I’ve only ever talked to you once , maybe twice. I’m not entirely certain why you’ve taken this certain shine to me, even after I’ve rebuked your offers of conversation and meet ups more times than I can recall. Nonetheless, you continue to reach out and try to talk to me. You even try to guilt trip me when I don’t answer.

Have to say, it’s kind of scary and I really hope that you don’t know where I live.


Not a Fan of this Fan, Maz



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