A Farewell to Maz

I’ve decided to quit blogging indefinitely.

And I don’t really want to talk about it, so please don’t ask.


When Something Really Good Happens

Right now, I have this feeling like something really good has happened, but I also have this feeling that I want to keep it to myself, so the inside of my brain is like:





Have a great weekend fanz! XO, Maz

Is it too early…

Is it too early in the semester for me to see how many times in a row I can snooze my alarm before I have to wear pajamas to class?

Because I am wearing pajamas to class today. The snooze button won.

Is it too early in the semester to be behind on everything?

Because I have about 87 projects coming up or due that, I don’t know, I just haven’t gotten around to starting.

Is it too early in the semester to completely shut off every single ounce of motivation that I have to finish?




Don’t Laugh

Never laugh at someone when they tell you their dreams. Ever.

If someone tells you that their dreamĀ in life is to own a duck farm and learn how to communicate with said ducks; you ask them if there is anything within your power that you could do to help them.

You don’t chuckle and say that it’s ridiculous.

You don’t tell them that they are wasting their time.

You don’t tell them that it’s a waste of their college degree, especially if you’re someone who has done nothing to contribute to any part of their education, whether it be financial or moral support.

How dare you judge the dream of another? Sure. Maybe it’s not a typical office job or even a steady life guaranteed, but if it’s what is going to make them happy, why would you scoff at that? Isn’t the end goal to be happy? Why should they conform to what your dream for them is if in the long run it just makes them as miserable as you are?

It’s not that they need your help or your guidance, but just the notion that even though it’s not your preference, you will support their decision because you love them.

I just don’t see why it’s so hard.


My Grown Up Christmas List

It’s that time of year, everyone keeps asking what I want and I’d like to put it all out there.

For Christmas 2015, I would like:

-For everyone to stop asking me what I’m doing with my life, just let me live it.

-All of the money that I owe to the credit card companies and my university and the government to be paid back.

-To be serenaded by a beautiful man, preferably of the British sort.

-For someone to give Hilary Clinton a makeover.

-A one way ticket to London and insurance that everything would work out in the long run when I got there.

-For the men in my life to be less annoying (that’s a long-shot).

-For the women in my life to be less annoying (also a long-shot).

-To be seduced by Chris Pratt.

-A Hawaiian pizza.

-A total body massage/exfoliation package.

-To stop hearing my favorite bands on the radio. They’re mine, I don’t want to share.

-For it not to be Summer Part 2. Thanks global warming.

-To figure out some way to repay my mom and stepdad for all that they do for me.

-To find inspiration.

-To be stupid happy.

To the Fan Who Needs to Go with the Flow~


I’m not really sure that I know where my life is going and I don’t know what to do about it.


I feel this spiritually.

The first part at least.

Fan, I think that there comes a point in everyone’s life where there just not so sure about one thing or about anything for that matter. For some people, the realization that they have no idea what’s going on hits harder than for others. I think it’s called a mid-life or quarter-life, depending on how old you are, crisis.

But here’s the thing: most of us are just winging it. And not knowing the answer to every single one of life’s tougher questions isn’t the end of the world.

Somehow, we’ll get through and live to see a day where life happened in a way that maybe we weren’t planning for or expecting, but in a way that we needed it to occur.

XO, Maz

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