College is Hard

I don’t wanna. I can’t. Stop making me.

I’m at that point where I am so close to graduation, so it would be a total waste of an investment of $80k+ to drop out, but not gonna lie, I consider it daily.

College would not be so bad if there wasn’t homework and we got paid to be there. Oh right, so a job.

College is a job and I’m not even getting paid. And don’t whine at me with this bullish*t about “you get paid with grades and a degree.” No. That is not payment. That is good collateral damage after sleepless nights, billions of written words, grade haggling with professors, and so many meals not made by my chef/genius mom.

I thought that last semester was hard. I was a whiny lil b*tch because I was heart broken, I was eating my feelings and London was 3,500 miles away. But no, nope, I think it might just be that being a senior sucks.

I can’t d*ck around with my friends every single night because the thesis writing has amassed in not sleeping due to writing endlessly. I can’t keep drinking because my liver can’t handle it. Neither can my metabolism. I have to find a job because I have to pay my student loans six months after graduation. I have to pay rent and bills and still have spending money when my friends want to do adult things like having real conversations over a nice dinner. What the hell?

I’m over it. Can I be a junior again? Less commitment to adulthood.



First Semester of College Verse Last Semester of College

As a last semester undergraduate student, I have come to realize that everything changes so drastically from when I was a first semester undergraduate student.

First day, getting ready:

First semester:


Last semester:


Leaving your residence hall or off campus house:

First semester:


Last semester:


Walking into your first class and trying to find a seat:

First semester:


Last semester:


Getting assigned homework during syllabus week:

First semester:


Last semester:


Taking notes in class:

First semester:


Last semester:


Seeing people you know on campus:

First semester:


Last Semester:


Going to the gym and working out:

First semester:


Last Semester:


Getting asked on a date:

First Semester:


Last Semester:


Getting grades back:

First semester:


Last semester:


Thinking about the future:

First semester:


Last semester:


Have a great weekend fans! XO, Maz

What I Would Be Doing If I Were in London Right Now

So it’s a sunny Tuesday; a pretty average day in Philadelphia really. Nothing to be too excited about.

But as I meander about my crazy, hectic life, I can’t help but think back to the average cloudy Tuesdays that I spent in London.

I miss London every day. For different reasons a lot of the time, but for today, I miss it for my typical Tuesdays.

Tuesdays were great. I would sleep in until 10 or 11, depending on how my Monday nights went. Normally, I would get dressed and find a part of the city to explore. I really loved walking through the parks or hitting up a market or two. I just enjoyed the atmosphere of the city. Sometimes along the way I would find a coffee shop and get tea or some lunch and then laze my way back to my flat.

In the late afternoon, I would sometimes just sit with whatever dinner I mustered up that evening and look out at the London skyline from my eighth floor view, or I would watch an English period piece, which I found myself totally obsessed with.

Then every once in a while, I would attend class. My class was from 6.00-9.00 PM. It wasn’t mandatory, but I happened to really enjoy this one. It was International Business and I was in a group with four other International students who were awesome. They ended up becoming really good friends by the end of my time in that beautiful city.

After class, I would usually head straight back to my flat and begin to get ready for a night out. Typically I would try to rally some of my girlfriends from across the hall, but if they weren’t having it, I would call up my cousin and see what she was up to with her comrades. Either way, I usually always found a crew to take the town with.

We would find the best plans for the night, whether that was drinks in Shoreditch, clubbing in Piccadilly Circus or strolling the Thames at night. There was always something to do and no one ever questioned you as to what day of the week it was. It didn’t matter. The city never slept and neither did the people.

I could just spend all of Tuesday knowing that I was living the dream.

And I miss that a lot.

Now as I am preparing to take on a day of five classes, from 9.30 AM to 8.10 PM, with minimal break, but a hope to catch a nap during my lunch hour; I have no time to enjoy where I am. It’s gut wrenching. I hope every day that I can fall in love with Philadelphia as much as I fell in love with London. I just don’t know that it could ever happen. London truly stole my heart.

To the Fan Who is Concerned for Susan~


I feel like you always talk about drinking. Do you have a problem?


I do have a problem. And no, it’s not a problem related to drinking. It’s a problem related to someone thinking that they know my whole life, based on tiny snippets they read every once in a while.

Do I drink? Yes I do. Do I drink every day? No I don’t. Do I drink even every week? No I don’t.

I go out, I enjoy myself, and yes sometimes; most of the time, the nights where I do tie a few on, merit a great blog. Sometimes the stories from one night can span the blogosphere for a few good posts.

My liver, otherwise known as Susan, is in perfect condition.

I like to go out and have a good time, but it does not consume or disrupt my life in a way that I would deem it a problem. So, while it may seem that I am constantly out partying and being wild, it’s really situations from one night that have developed into a great story. Because who wants to read every single day about me staying in bed watching Game of Thrones? Not me. And I definitely don’t want to write about it.

So, if this was a sign of concern, thanks but I’m good.

If this was a dig at my life style choices, think again. You know what I want you to know, the glamorized series of events, not my everyday life of going to class and doing homework and sleeping.

XO, Maz

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Reasons That I Think My Hot Professor Is Hitting On Me

I may or may not mention very frequently that I am so done with school and that I don’t want to be there.

BUT; there is one giant exception to that: one of my professors is a total fox.

I go to class strictly because I like to look at him.

He’s super intelligent too, which helps. He’s got this sultry look about him and a seriously good sense of style. He’s in perfect shape and treats his body like a temple; which I have no problem worshipping. He has a subtle accent that is divine and makes his aura all the more appealing.

I have a major crush on him, to state the obvious.

I’m pretty sure that he asked me on a date the other day and here’s why:

He said that he wants to meet with me face to face.

He dropped the words, I’m free and lunch and Friday.

Any alarms ringing for any one else?

Scheduling a one on one lunch meeting with my uber hot professor. I think it’s a date for certain.

In case you’re not sure, I’ll give you word for word how he asked:

“Class, your first paper is due soon and I want to have a brief meeting with each of you to discuss what your main issue and thesis will be. These meetings are mandatory for everyone and the sooner we have one, the sooner you can begin writing your papers. I am willing to start these meetings as early as tomorrow (Friday), my first free gap is around 1 PM. I’m going to be having lunch and you’ll just have to endure watching me eat while we talk.”

Such a subtle romanticism about it. I really think that he wasn’t trying to single me out personally and embarrass me in front of the class. What a sweetheart.

To That Guy That I Keep Seeing While I’m Drunk

Hey Guy~

By the title, you may know that I’m talking about you.

But if you don’t, this is a little less embarrassing.

So, I was just curious: are we friends? Like should I be saying; “hi” to you when I see you on campus?

Also, should I apologize for saying that you have a “great mouth but a sh*tty personality” right when you could hear me that one time? I only sort of meant it. But since I keep running into you, legitimately everywhere, I feel like it’s time that we let that go. I was young(er) and stupid and super drinko, so…

You know what? I’m just going to say hi. I’m not going to wait for you to do it, because it’s already weird enough, what do I have to lose at this point?


Really Confused, Yet Still Shameless Maz

Transitioning to Senior Year as Told By the Office

This week on F*ck It Friday, I give you my interpretation of being a home renting senior in college as told by the cast of the hit NBC series, “The Office”.

At first we moved into our off-campus place and having a whole house to ourselves, it was like:


Woo Hoo! No parents!:


It’s all fun, all the time:


You’re living a care-free life, so oblivious to the future:


And then you go to the first party of the year and you’re ready to rage:


Until, you spot a freshman at the bar:


So, you’re like:


Then you see the f*ck boy that you were hooking up with last year and he’s all:


So, you grab the girls and you’re all:


But, your plan is interrupted when you see one of your old friends across the party like:


So, you have to quick, go grab her and be all:


Then the next day she’s saying:


And just to be a d*ck you respond with:




But you all gather around your phones to look through the pictures from the event and you can’t help but:


So you think to yourself:


Then somewhere midway through the first month, in a house of all girls; it gets weepy:


So you have to ask the serious questions:


But then you suggest ordering cookies and watching a chick-flick, and she’s immediately like:


So you’re ready to get back to enjoying being an adult and your freedom until you get your first cable bill:


And when your roommates don’t believe you over how much it is, you’re like:


But it’s okay, because you’re an adult now, you can figure this out:


And now you think you’re ready to get back into the school year, but after day one you’re already:


And the invites to go out bar crawling, to the party or hang out reach you in mass quantities, so you’re like:


Because between classes, extra-curricular activities, social life and trying to keep up with adulthood, it’s a balancing act that you’re just not too sure about:


And now every time you see the mailman, you’re like:


Because you know it’s more bills and you’re to the point where you’re constantly like:


And it might even get to the point where you’re thinking:


But then, you call your parents, tell them how great school is going and how you’re loving everything about this new adult hood, then just before you hang up, you throw in:


And when they actually come through, you’re like:


And you feel alive once more:


At least for another few weeks.