I’m Not Super-stitious, I’m Just A Little Stitious

One of the ultimate pet peeves of the world is when I have a dream and I know how it left me feeling when I woke up, but I can’t for the life of me remember what happened in the dream. Or even worse, I’ll go to tell my friends about it and the second I start to tell them the story, I totally forget what happened.


It’s so annoying. I used to keep a journal by my bed or I would write it down in my notes on my phone the second I woke up, but since I’ve stopped doing that, I find it a giant challenge to keep them in my head after like ten minutes.

But, the past few nights I have been having a real sh*t time at sleeping. I can fall asleep no problem, but it’s just so restless, and then I wake up all in a tizzy because I have some weird dreams, but I can’t remember what they are. Like I can remember clips of them, one night; being at an airport, someone stealing my bags, another night; some old dude stealing my favorite rings. Then another night I just woke up crying and I have no idea why. It’s stressing me out!

I need some dream remedies. I think it’s because I don’t have my dream catchers hanging up all around me to counteract the bad juju. When I have my dream catcher, things are wonderful. I go on dates with Niall Horan. I get proposed to in the middle of Piccadilly Circus by a beautiful stranger, people sing and dance and everything is so happy.

Without it, it’s like I’m trapped in some spooky weird dream limbo that I can’t even remember when I wake up, but I just know it was bad.


Public Nudity and Other Dilemmas

So I’m sitting in class, totally unaware of how I got there, why I am there or what class it even is. The worst part of it all, I have no shirt on.

Oh my god. What?

About 15 seconds of stuttering and agonizing over this awkwardness later, I wake up in my room, still naked (cheeky, I know… LOL pun unintended at first) but at least not surrounded by an entire classroom of people.

Dreams can be so mortifying. Like I actually woke up embarrassed until I had realized that the entire time, it was, in fact, a dream. I understand that dreams are our subconscious way to deal with every day life issues or desires, but literal WTF on crap dreams.

I want all of my dreams to be amazing. None of this falling from a building or being naked in a public setting. That’s bull sh*t. I want to be cuddled up to my extremely attractive, extremely tall and extremely foreign boyfriend near a fire place or dancing my ass off with my girlfriends.

I need to learn how to lucid dream. Although, I will say this, I did have a really amazing dream the other night, the details of which are a bit fuzzy, but it was set in London and my whole family was there and I was being proposed to by this really amazing guy and it was perfect and wonderful; but then I woke up. I was super disappointed. So I guess, I’ll take the bad dreams to wake up and realize that my life isn’t total sh*t, and I’ll take the good ones to have some great make believe stories to aspire to achieve in reality.