I’m Not Aloof

So, I’m not a very openly emotional person, but I do have a habit of sarcasm-ing my way through a story. I am pretty open about what’s going on in my life, but I don’t always appropriately address how those situations make me feel.

My sarcasm also sometimes is so well developed that people actually believe that I am aloof and don’t really see what’s going on, so I’m constantly given advice about how I should act or be in a certain situation to avoid getting hurt or worse, expelled. (That’s a Harry Potter joke and if you don’t get it, I just don’t think we can be friends anymore).

But I just wanted to clear something up, just because I act like I don’t care, constantly, it doesn’t actually mean that I don’t care. I am extremely emotionally intelligent when it comes to other people. I also am pretty good at protecting my own emotions, some times a little too good. So, while it’s nice to have people that care for me, it also felt necessary to say that I can handle this. So, I love you, but let me do this. You can say “I told you so” later if you must.


Know It All Syndrome

Is it just me? Or do we all have a friend that is a supreme “know-it-all”. They think that they are the smartest human on the planet and that everything they say is right.

It’s like,┬ámaybe this person is smart. Maybe they are a genius.

Don’t shove it down everyone’s throat.

I’m not saying that I wish they would act stupid, but when you are trying to discuss something of a higher plane of thinking, don’t rant on about it and then finish your thought with, “but you probably wouldn’t understand that.”

Because first of all, B*TCH, I MIGHT. I might understand it.

And second of all, I probably don’t care a single iota about what you’re talking about.

Like, if you are going to sit down and have a conversation with me about something that you’re interested in and try to explain how it works or what it means to you, that’s different. If you have a passion that you want to share, I’ll be right there, interest piqued. I’ll love how you smile when you can’t find the words to explain one complicated part of your pursuit. I’ll see the fire in your eyes when you finally figure out a way to compare the difficult-to-understand matter into an analogy that should make it “click” in my head.

But if you’re coming at me with a line of bullsh*t because you think it makes you sound smart and not actually trying to have a conversation…

Oh no. I’m out. Don’t you dare tell me that “I wouldn’t understand” because listen up assh*le, just because I haven’t gone through as many years of schooling or never took a designed interest in what you’re yapping about it doesn’t mean that I don’t have a higher understanding of different things. I have a different set of skills than you do. I also don’t choose to shove my intelligence down people’s throats (disclaimer: okay, sometimes I do, but it’s only when someone really pisses me off, I don’t want to talk to them or if my intelligence is thrown into question).

You can be smart without being a d*uchebag. To all the people out there with “Know It All Syndrome”, do less.