The Hangover Heard Round the World

I don’t know if this is just a me thing, or if it happens to other people; but when I have a hangover, it doesn’t normally happen the worst until two days after the incident.

So naturally, as I sit through 5 classes today, I am between 68% and 84% positive that I am going to die.

Every few minutes I get the nausea clamminess. It’s to the point where I am just about to stand up to run to the bathroom to puke, but it subsides just before I push my chair out.

I also am pretty convinced that I have some form of concussion because my eyes are sensitive to the light, my head feels like I hit a brick wall, twice, and every time I close my eyes, the room starts to spin.

It’s not great.

But, I guess that’s the price that I pay for not serving my hangover sentence yesterday.